innoCast Group

The innoCast group offers competent and comprehensive services for the production of cast products and components for the automotive industry. We offer our customers a complete service from prototype to small series.

Many years of experience, state-of-the-art systems and innovative production processes guarantee our customers the necessary competitive advantages in global competition.

Professionalism and a broad expertise: that is what you can expect from innoCast.

innoCast GmbH is a worldwide partner of engine and system developers and specialises in the flexible production and processing of prototypes, small and special series, primarily in the automotive industry.

Castings are produced from high-strength, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steel alloys in accordance with the technical requirements. Aluminium and iron alloys, such as grey cast iron (GJL) and ductile iron (GJS), as well as cast iron projects in steel and bronze, complete the product portfolio. Depending on customer requirements, investment or sand casting technologies are used, supported by the latest additive 3D printing technologies.

innoTurbo GmbH is specialised in high performance turbochargers for premium suppliers. With strong partners from the automotive industry and our network, we are in a position to supply our customers with ready-to-install turbochargers with specially adapted details – and that guarantees consistently high quality. From the first prototype to the last requirement of the small series. From development, conception, component procurement to series delivery – everything from a single source.