Rapid Manufacturing by innoCast

We manufacture prototypes, preliminary and special series made of steel and iron alloys, as well as aluminium and bronze.


Speed and flexibility are our strengths.

innoCast GmbH is a worldwide partner of engine and system developers. As a full service provider, we offer the entire spectrum in rapid manufacturing.

We design and produce ready-to-install workpieces as series parts or prototypes. Our goal is to produce complex components economically in small quantities.

  • Prototypes
  • Functional parts ready for installation
  • Small and special series
  • Production in investment or sand casting technology
  • Synthetic cast
  • More than 300 steel alloys available
  • Mechanical finishing
  • Continuous quality assurance
  • Consulting, design and development
innoCast in detail

Additive manufacturing

Today, thanks to rapid manufacturing, usable individual parts, prototypes and small series can be produced from steel, iron and aluminium within a few days, which used to take several weeks. In the area of pre-series and prototype construction, this type of production shortens decision-making processes and considerably reduces development costs.

In 10 to 15 days to the finished component!

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Certified quality

With innoCast you have a partner you can rely on. Our DIN EN ISO 9001 certified quality management covers all areas – from product development to customer service.

Together we develop the best strategy for cost- and time-optimised production. From development and selection of the appropriate casting method to perfect mechanical finishing, all processes follow a well thought-out project management process. Final quality and measuring tests document the result of the usable workpiece.

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innoCast Portfolio

Engine Parts

(Turbocharger, compressor and bearing housings)

75% Investment casting
25% Sand moulded casting

System components

(Pump impellers et al.)

80% Investment casting
20% Sand moulded casting

Art casting

(Stainless steel and bronze)

90% Investment casting
10% Sand moulded casting

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