Development and testing – Generative manufacturing processes

How can innovative products be produced faster and better? Which processes can be automated and optimised through better processes? Which alternative materials can be used to save time and money, while maintaining or improving quality standards?

Rapid Product Development

innoCast meets these requirements. Customer requirements are becoming more differentiated and product development times shorter. Product development has thus become an important factor in reducing production times and ensuring higher product quality. The resulting advantages in quality, price and time strengthen the company’s competitive position. Fast product development – a direct benefit for innoCast customers.

innoCast constantly develops and optimises generative manufacturing processes

  • Optimised integration of new and existing technologies into the series production process
    • Sandprint technologies
    • Electron Beam Melting technology (EBM)
    • PMMA printing technologies
  • Development and production of bionic structures
  • Development and introduction of new intermetallic alloys into the production process
  • Improvement of cost, time and quality management
  • Integration of virtual and hybrid prototypes in product development


The ability to offer flexible solutions for complex tasks in the shortest possible time has become a decisive factor for success. For this reason, projects at innoCast are handled by professional project management. Through the consistent application of project management methods and tools, we can ensure a target-oriented and secure implementation within planned time and budget frames. Our project managers have the necessary experience to fulfill even complex projects within agreed targets.

Flexible solutions for complex tasks in the shortest time

innoCast, a well-rehearsed team

The credo of our competent project managers and employees is solution-oriented thinking and behaviour with the aim of developing high-quality products together with our customers and accompanying them during production. Continuous control and monitoring of compliance with project, budget and deadline targets are a core element of innoCast project management.

Model making at its finest

Precisely manufactured models ensure problem-free casting and minimise reworking. This is ensured by our specialists in the model workshop

Model making with precision

The casting models manufactured by innoCast can be made of various materials. Depending on the required number of parts and desired service life, materials ranging from light plastic to metal models are available. The models and core boxes required for a project are manufactured with the aid of computers.

But model making is also a craft. It requires the many years of experience of a well-coordinated team that also knows the details of their own plant technology, and can contribute this expertise to the design of the model construction.

This is where innoCast’s certified quality management comes in. Detailed measurement using 3D measuring systems and documentation of the individual work steps support innoCast’s quality standards.

Quality assurance

innoCast is certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Quality is the basis of innoCast’s business activities and the prerequisite for high-quality production. Intermediate and final inspections during the entire production process ensure high quality standards.

innoCast GmbH has been using a quality management system since 2005 and is certified by TÜV Süd according to ISO 9001:2015. Quality assurance is carried out both in the area of technology and process management. The company’s internal quality measures are continuously monitored by external testing procedures.

With this audit innoCast meets the growing requirements of its customers and ensures quality for the national and international market.

Download PDF: ISO 9001:2015

Target/actual comparison, 3D quality control and quality assurance

innoCast uses innovative 3D scan technology for optical dimensional control. A flawless quality inspection for each component is guaranteed at almost any time.

An optical 3D measuring device such as the Steinbichler Comet 4 and its successor Comet 6 delivers outstanding data quality and high-precision measurement results and is therefore ideal for use in quality control.

  • Target/actual comparison of the measurement data to the CAD data set
  • Dimensioning/Range measurement (bleaching part measurement)
  • Series testing in production (manual/automated)